Tyre Safety


Tyre Safety

Check Your Tyres Regularly Especially When The Caravan Or Trailer Has Not Been In Use For Some Time.

Vehicles Which Are Not Used Normally During Winter That Are Stored Such As Caravans And Trailer Tents, Need Be Thoroughly Inspected Prior To Use.

Look Closely For Any Particularly Sign Of Age Deterioration In The Tyres Such As Sidewall Cracking And Deformation. Tyres On A Stationary Vehicle, Especially In Coastal Areas, Always Age More Quickly Than Those In Regular And Frequent Use.

If Your Caravan, Trailer Or Trailer Tent Is Going To Stand For Any Length Of Time, It Is Advisable To Cover The Tyres To Shield Them From Direct Sunlight And If Possible Take The Weight Off The Tyres. If In Doubt About

The Condition Of Your Tyres, Change Them It Is Better Safe Than Sorry You Could Also Have Them Checked By A Tyre Specialist.


Tyre Age

There Is No Known Technical Data That Supports A Specific

Age For Removal From Service. However, In The Interests

Of Safety A Number Of Tyre Manufacturers Recommend That Tyres (Including Spare Tyres) That Were Manufactured More Than Four Or Five Years  Be Regularly Checked For Any Signs Of Cracking On The Sidewalls And Within The  Tread.

Even When Tyres Appear To Be Usable From Their External Appearance And The Tread May Not Have Reached The Minimum Wear Out Depth If The Tyre Has Been Used While Under Inflated. Damage To The Internal Structure Might Have Occurred  . It Is Recommended That If In Any Doubt Replace With New Tyres.

Remember Any Tyre Specialist Will Be Able To Give You Advice If You’re Not Sure.